4 Things You Didn't Know About Our Founders

Updated: Jun 28, 2021

At Machinery Analytics, it is our founders’ experiences and passion that have fueled their innovation in the hardware sector. Let’s get to know them more and discover what led them to founding Machinery Analytics.


1. Peter Has An Adventurous Side

In his free time, Peter indulges in mountain biking and running half-marathons. He also holds both glider and private pilot licenses which he received at only 17 years old.

His ambition is not only apparent in his hobbies, but also translates to his professional portfolio.

2. Peter Holds An Impressive Engineering Portfolio

After having studied nuclear, aerospace, and static processes engineering, Peter has held various senior engineering positions at innovative companies like Arius Engineering, General Fusion, and Etalim Inc. He has led projects in aerospace, automotive, and power generation for over 20 years and came to realize that the hardware space is highly lacking in a tool to help analyze complex data- to help distinguish real changes in machine performance from noise, or changes due to load and the environment. That's where Machinery Analytics started.



3. Mitch Holds A Record for the Orcas 100 Miler!

Similar to Peter, Mitch leads an active lifestyle and goes above and beyond in his hobbies. He is an avid ultramarathon runner, holding the course record for the Orcas 100 Miler. Despite his busy life of being a co-founder and coder, he still finds time to build trails in the Fraser Valley and to keep running.

Mitch is also a competitive Shutzhund dog trainer!

4. Mitch Is A Software Pro

In his career, after completing an M.Sc. in Materials Engineering, Mitch gained extensive experience building and deploying production software including data pipelines at Pulse energy as well as security infrastructure at Zenefits and DocuSign.

With a decade each in traditional engineering and building production software, Mitch ensures our product is robust and reliable. And Peter, with over 20 years leading projects in aerospace, automotive and power generation, ensures our software is built with hardware engineering in mind. With their skill sets, we were able to create a robust, reliable, and one of its kind product that has maximized the true power of AI through deep learning.

Contact Peter and Mitch now to find out more about their lives and Machinery Analytics.

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