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Improve battery quality with Machinery Analytics

We provide automated image and time-series analysis throughout the battery cell manufacturing process, accelerating development of new chemistries, providing confidence in supplier materials, and decreasing scrap rates.

working with the following companies

    • Ambri
    • Electrovaya
    • E-Zinc
    • Soteria
    • Zentek

Insights Into Electrode Microstructure

Automate the analysis of complex materials and gain more powerful & actionable insights

Automated image analysis for diverse process-steps.

Our automated ML models find and measure features of interest throughout the development and manufacturing processes.

Identify and measure any features in SEM or TEM images at any scale. Generate featured size density functions for individual images or batches of images.

Case Studies

Providing value for diverse materials, and processes.

Contact us to receive detailed case study reports

Fault Detection

Identify key trends and predict failures in cell cycling data

Our unsupervised learning algorithm is used to detect performance anomalies in cell cycling these are then correlated with measurements from cell image data to establish key contributors to cell failure.

Image Analysis

Use microstructure imaging to remove coating solvent

Our image analysis software is used with optical microscopy to map active material distribution, agglomeration distribution and coating texture for an NMP free cathode coating.

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It's time to automate analysis and take a data-driven approach to your decision making. Start using our platform and improve your cell quality today.

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Flexible pricing, for your needs.

Whether in R&D or in full-production, our platform will work well for you.

Proof of Concept

Perfect for getting started and for testing out our platform and its capabilities.

$10 000+

  • Preliminary analysis of up to 100 images
  • Time-limited platform demonstration
  • In-depth meetings with our engineers to discuss your needs
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For large/medium volume manufacturers or for complex technologies.


  • Integration of different image types
  • Integration of time-series data
  • On prem / aws data connection
  • Custom ML models
  • Live access to cloud-hosted databases
  • Data storage / retention
  • Customized data analysis insights
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Small business

Perfect for small manufacturers in R&D or pre-production.


  • Standard user interface
  • Use of existing ML models
  • Access to standard platform functionality
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