Our Team

Our team has extensive software and engineering experience spanning across a wide variety of industries. This gives us the expertise required to work with diverse clients and to meet their specific needs.

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Mitch LeBlanc

Founder & Software Architect
Mitch holds a M.Sc. in Materials Engineering and has extensive experience building and deploying production software including data pipelines at Pulse energy and security infrastructure at Zenefits and DocuSign.

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Peter Kostka

CEO & Founder

Peter holds a M.Sc. in Nuclear Engineering and Engineering Physics. He has 10 years of experience leading multidisciplinary hardware product development teams, and 10 years using and testing simulation tools to optimize hardware design in the aerospace and automotive industries.

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Alex Deslauriers


Alex has a degree in Aerospace Engineering and 20 years of experience delivering Asset Health Management Solutions in the Aerospace and Defense field. He has led implementation of ERP systems and software for Boeing and airlines worldwide.

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Abtin Djavadifar

Deep Learning Engineer

Abtin holds a M.A.Sc in Mechanical Engineering from the University of British Columbia and has extensive experience designing and testing image segmentation algorithms in industrial processes.

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Ifeanyi Anene

Machine Learning Researcher
Ifeanyi has a Masters in Data Science from the University of British Columbia and a BS in Chemical Engineering, as well as extensive experience in Machine Learning developing models for diverse applications.

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Akash Sindhu

Machine Learning Engineer
Akash holds a MASc in Big Data from Simon Fraser University. He has experience in Machine Learning and Deep Learning, and has worked at companies like Vancity Credit Union. 

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Jenna Slomowitz

Full-Stack Developer
Jenna holds a B.A.Sc in Electrical Engineering from the University of British Columbia. She has experience in electronics and robotics, having worked for companies like Samsung.

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Nika Ptushkina

Product Manager

Nika has consulted for several tech startups in the community, including Quupe, WeCause, and GUD. She has a Bachelor of Commerce from UBC and experience in web development.

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